Y’all! I’m super excited to be in this amazing anthology: Anything That Loves! It’s a collection of comics talking about non-straight and non-gay sexualities – so bi, pan, queer, omni, wibbly-wobbly, and all the other fantastic words that we use to describe our sexualities. It’s trans and genderqueer friendly too, and has one of my comics in it! And it’s all thanks to the amazing Zan Christensen at Northwest Press (incredible Queer Comics Publisher!)

I can’t tell you how stoked I am to have my art in the same book as amazing artists like Erika Moen, Amy Falcone (omg how cute is she in Strip Search, I just might die), Ellen Forney, Jason Thompson, Randall Kirby, and Leia Worthington (to name just a FEW OF THE AMAZING ARTISTS, IN THIS BOOK, ZOMG, SERIOUSLY!!

I feel like I’ve just been pushing a whole slate of kickstarters lately – but as this one is already full funded (!!), I’m just putting it out there for geeks who want to get their hands on this awesome book, and other amazing swag… but there’s only 12 days left on this one so you don’t have an endless amount of time…so yeh click here to see the kickstarter