americancaptainAmerican Captain: American Captain is a delightful webcomic created as though Steve Rogers, Captain America, is doing his very own auto-bio diary comic.  The creator, Robyn, is among the most intelligent and thoughtful webcomic people I know.


Assigned Male: Is a fantastic and empowering comic by Sophie Labelle told through the eyes of Stephie, a young trans girl.

BMBecoming Me:I just found Becoming me and I read through it all in one day. A really great new trans comic.


Cristy C. Road: An incredible queer writer, illustrator, zine-ster, activist. Guh, she rips my heart out, she’s fucking awesome.



Curvaceous Dee: Amazing New Zealand blog, fat-positive, kinky, polyamory, deliciousness. Super duper NSFW.



Curvy:  It promotes itself as a “sexy, scifi adventure comic for adults”. It’s super queer. ‘Nuff said. NSFW.



Dylan Meconis: Dylan is an incredible illustrator and comic artist. Her first webcomic, which has recently been published (buy it!), Bite Me! is an (a??) hilarious vampire farce set in the French Revolution. She is now authoring the exceptionally beautiful Family Man webcomic – it has werewolves, read it!


EthsskinEth’s Skin: Eth’s Skin is Sfé Monster’s newest comic and it is great (Sfé did a really sweet comic about a genderqueer kid and their robot, called Kyle and Atticus, and it was adorable)! It’s a queer and genderlicious story about selkies! What’s not to love?



From Earth’s End: From Earth’s End is a great resource for NZ comics, listing many events and happenings within the New Zealand Comics Scene.



Girls with Slingshots: This is an awesome ensemble comic with super sharp wit, heapsa sex positivity, and a couple of lesbians/queer and Ace women too, it also deals with disabilities, kink, polyamory, sheesh, it’s just awesome. Well worth the read.



Hicksville: Dylan Horrocks is one of the most talented, intelligent and nice comics creators ever. Plus he’s a New Zealander! He’s recently finished The Magic Pen – about writing comics, sexuality, desire, and the complexity of life.


chesterJess Fink: Jess Fink is outrageously talented. Her webcomic series, Chester 5000 XYV, is a super sexy historical sci-fi eroticcomic – she masterfully creates nearly wordless comics about robots, inventors, lustful men and women in all kinds of sexual exploits. Kid With Experience is her auto-bio strip, which is equally as charming.



Khaos Komix: I’m not sure how to describe this comic, other than it is awesomely wonderfully wicked. Written by a person made of awesomeness, it describes the lives and loves of a group of teens (btw it’s super gay and trans – Woooo!). I stumbled onto this website a few years ago and got totally addicted. It’s rad. The comic has now finished, but it’s all still up online if you want to read it, otherwise go ahead and check out Tab’s new projects at Discord Comics.



Kris Dresen: Kris pretty much writes comic poems. Her style is mostly wordless images full of dykes and lesbian. She also wrote an incredibly witty strip called Max and Lily which is well worth hunting for.



Oh Joy Sex Toy: I’ve been stalking Erika Moen online for years, because I am super creepy. But I’m ok with that. She has finished her six year long journal comic strip DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary and also completed the incredible murder-mystery-comedy-comic, Bucko. In early 2014 she launched a new project with her husband Matthew Nolan, reviewing sex toys, talking about sexual health and healthy sexual practices – Oh Joy Sex Toy – it’s a really wonderful, helpful, and entertaining webcomic with heaps of body diversity, and queer and trans goodness.


ohsO Human Star: Sheesh this is a great comic. Blue Delliquanti has created a really lovely and gripping webcomic about robots, cyborgs, queers and trans people. It’s so good. So. Good.



The Princess: Christine Smith is the incredible mind behind The Princess and Eve’s Apple.  I really love the Princess, it’s a really sweet story about a young MTF girl. Eve’s Apple is about an awesome, feisty, older MTF character, who’s large, and her trials of dating.



Reaper Sun: Comic Watson/Sherlock Slash. What more needs to be said?



Riot Nrrd: RJ is quite amazing, and wonderful, and I might have a huge crush on them. Riot Nrrd is a ensemble comic, set in uni, and has quite a few queer and gender diverse characters. It’s quite nerdy (as the name suggests), political, and is really hilarious. It’s on a little hiatus at the moment, but it will hopefully come back soon.



Scott McCloud: If you’re thinking of making comics, you need to check Scott McCloud’s books out. Seriously.


Square planetSquare Planet Comics: Square Planet comics is rapidly becoming the go-to website for conversations about diversity in the NZ comics scene. Also! One of it’s planeteers is me! So therefore it is extra-awesome.



Stop Paying Attention: The totally amazing comic and musical stylings of Lucy Knisley. Lucy is an illustrator, comic artist and author. She recently published the absolutely delightful French Milk graphic novel, a comic journal about her two months living in France with her mum. She once did a whole series of drawings on her favourite X-files characters. She is super-freaking amazing.



TJ and Amal: A sweet ongoing romance comic, following the adventures of two strangers road-tripping across America. This is really awesome. NSFW.


More Queer and Trans Comics:

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