My jealousy of Joey’s advent calendar has now got me 25 presents. It’s amazing.

The presents have been quite a mix of amazing and hilarious…

Day 1: Some pain killers Joey found in our medication cupboard, and wrapped up

Day 2: An oral/rectal thermometer (once it’s used as a rectal thermometer it is forever used as a rectal thermometer)

Day 3: Antiseptic cream

Day 4: Duct tape and hand sanitised (again, Joey found this lying around our house and just wrapped it up for the box!)

Day 5: 2 bandages and a tin camping mug

Day 6: Portable gas stove (!!)

Day 7: Gas for the gas stove

Day 8: Cutlery

Day 9: Waterproof matches, and a waterproof container for matches (including a tiny mirror in the lid – no idea what for)

Day 10: Bandaids of the Star Wars and Princess variety – depending on how I am feeling on the day

Day 11: Three meal energy bar

Day 12: Talcum powder and face masks (obviously one needs a bit of lush-ness during a zombie apocalypse)

Day 13: Gold emergency blankets

Day 14: Air-activated body warmer