I know it’s kind of weird to do a comic on a business, don’t worry I’m not turning into a raging capitalist – I’ve been wanting to write about Coco’s Cantina for a while, ’cause this place is so lovely to us, and seriously helps me and Joey feel better about the world. The owners are super lovely, and the staff are always funny and nice and gentle to us. It’s so strange to me that two weirdo queer folk with fluctuating genders get treated so well by these people, it gives me hope.

Anyhow, I’ve put this up a little early because it’s their 7th birthday tonight and I wanted to surprise them.

In other news – Joey and I made a little podcast for our $2+ patreon patrons. You can sign up and cap it so you only pay $2 per month, or cap it at any amount really. I’m sorry I can’t make it free, I’m just trying to balance Rooster Tails work and paid work, and a big part of my Patreon money is paying for an amazing person to go through an caption all my old comics – so the generosity keeps going. Here’s a little link to how to sign up to Patreon if you find it confusing. Once we have completed all the captions my next project is to organise the printing of Volume One of Rooster Tails – which is SUPER exciting.