Panel 1:

Joe: (A person wearing a green, collared shirt, who is facing the viewer, but looking at Sam’s foot. One eyebrow is raised, the other lowered, and mouth is open, with slightly downturned edges. Joe’s arms are crossed.) Hey, do you want a clean pair?

(There is a squiggly line next to Joe, and a word, which reads:) *sigh*

Sam: (A leg, bent at the knee, and a hand pulling a blue sock onto Sam’s foot. There are squiggly lines above the sock, indicating smelliness.) Nah, I’ve only worn these ones for three days…


Panel 2:

Joe: (A person facing a chest of drawers, but who’s head is turned, looking behind, at where Sam would be. Eyebrows are raised, and mouth open, with slightly downturned edges. Hands are on an open drawer, which has many pairs of socks inside it.) So do you want thick socks? Thin ones? Little boy socks?

Sam: Do I look like a little boy?!


Panel 3:

Sam: (An open hand, with its palm facing up.)

Joe: (A hand holding a balled pair of grey socks, palm facing down.) You know, you’re an arsehole sometimes.


Panel 4:

Sam: (A person wearing a brown, collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, who is facing the viewer, but looking down at a pair of socks. Eyebrows are raised and mouth is open, with upturned edges. One arm is bent forward at the elbow and wrist, with its hand in a fist, the other hand is holding grey socks, which have black and white checked flags and cars on them. There are two exclamation marks by Sam’s head.) Ooh! They’ve got racing cars on them!