Any excuse to talk about Gene Kelly is a happy one.

I’m away for the next two weeks, visiting my parentals in the states. So there’ll be no updates sadly. But, rest assured I’ll be back to it in late August.


Panel 1:

Sam: (A person wearing a brown, collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, a maroon vest, and black trousers, who’s back is to the viewer, and who’s head is turned, facing the viewer. Eyebrows are raised, and mouth is open, with very upturned edges. Sam is bent forward, with one arm bent up at the elbow, wrist bent back, palm facing up, and the other hand is on Sam’s butt. There are a couple of elbow shaped lines next to the hand on Sam’s butt, and its corresponding shoulder, which indicate movement.) I like my butt.

Joe: (A person wearing an orange undershirt, a blue cardigan, and black trousers, who is facing the viewer, but looking at Sam. Mouth is open, with extremely upturned edges. Arms are bent up at the elbows, with hands clapped together in front of Joe’s chest.) I like your butt too!


Panel 2:

Sam: (A person who’s back is to the viewer, and who is bent forward. One hand is on Sam’s butt.) I mean it’s big & kinda girly but it reminds me of Gene Kelly’s.

(There is a thought bubble coming from Sam, in which there is a scene from Anchors Aweigh, of Jerry the mouse and Gene Kelly dancing. There is an arrow pointing to, and writing next to Gene Kelly, which reads:) So Pretty!


Panel 3:

Sam: (A person wearing a black hat, a black coat, and black trousers, who is looking directly at the viewer. Mouth is open, with very upturned edges. Both arms are out, with one hand around a lit lamppost, and the other holding a folded up, black umbrella. It is raining.) If I were Gene Kelly I’d be in a perpetual “Singin’ in the Rain” re-enactment.


Panel 4:

Sam as Gene Kelly: (A person wearing a cool grey, collared shirt, a black waistcoat and a very deep red-purple tie, who is facing the viewer. One eyebrow is raised, the other lowered, and mouth is open with very upturned edges.) Donald O’Connor and I would be the cutest lovers in town & Debbie Reynolds would be our faghag counterpart.

Donald O’Connor: (A person wearing a warm grey, collared shirt, a grey waistcoat, and a blue tie, who is looking at Sam as Gene Kelly. Eyebrows are raised slightly, and pushed together slightly and mouth is closed, with slightly upturned edges. Arms are folded, and there is a red love heart between Donald O’Connor, and Sam as Gene Kelly.)

Debbie Reynolds: (A person wearing a dark, light, and very light blue, sleeveless dress, with a short dark blue scarf, who is facing Sam as Gene Kelly. Eyebrows are raised, and mouth is open, with very upturned edges.)