In case you missed it, the owner’s are selling our house… and the open home viewing’s are stressful, and real estate agents are annoying and patronising. Joe and I, clearly, have different approaches to dealing with it.

Also – my parents are moving back to Australia this year – which means, unfortunately, that I can’t offer cheap postage for American buyers anymore. So, y’all have until JUNE 6th to make the most of the affordable postage on my online etsy store. Also! I’ve printed some more queer fandom postcards, including Puck and Finn, Wolverine and Gambit, and the XXX-men: Pyro, Iceman and Rogue.

PS. The art on the wall in panel two are from KuGO Art, Erika Moen and Dylan Meconis, Ash Spittal, and Molly Rangiwai-McHale (which you might recognise from this comic) Holler at me if you wanna see them properly – ‘cause they’re amazing.