Panel 1: 

(There is a caption to the left, and a drawing of a blue brain with text inside it. Below the first brain is its mirror image. The text reads:) The BRAIN FLIP. (The caption reads:) DEFINITION: /brayn-flip/ n. When one makes the switch from seeing an individual as one gender to another.


Panel 2:

(There is a caption. The caption reads:) Inertia is common. Switching pronouns & names can take time.

Person 1: (A person wearing a blue hoodie is facing the viewer. One eyebrow is raised, the other lowered, and Person 1’s mouth is open.) So… Sh-H-He..…Uh… (There is a squiggle next to Person 1’s head, with six little dashes surrounding it, and a word written. The word reads:) Pop.


Panel 3:

(Two people are drawn facing each other, they are both blue and have no facial features. Person 1 has long hair, tied back in a ponytail and is wearing a long-sleeved, round-necked blue shirt. Person 1 has breasts. Person 2 has short hair, and is wearing a collared, blue shirt. Person 2 has a flat chest. There is a caption at the bottom. The caption reads:) We’ve been trained to see a person in one way. It’s hard to break habits.


Panel 4:

Sam: (A person wearing a pale grey, collared shirt, and a slightly darker grey vest, who is facing the viewer, with raised eyebrows. Mouth is open, with upturned edges. One arm is by Sam’s side, the other is raised at the shoulder, bent forward at the elbow, and the hand is closed in a fist, with the thumb sticking up, in a ‘thumbs up’.) But we really appreciate the effort.

(Behind Sam and slightly to the right, is the brain and its reflection, from the first panel, but without the text.)