Panel 1:

Sam: (A person wearing a blue, collared shirt and a maroon tie, who is looking directly at the viewer. Eyebrows are lowered and pushed together slightly, mouth is open. Arms are raised at the shoulders, bent forward at the elbows, and hands are flat, with the fingertips pointing towards the viewer.) I’m gonna take a moment to shout. It feels quite important. I’m pretty angry and I want to make room to let some of it out.


Panel 2:

Sam: (A person who is looking directly at the viewer, with raised eyebrows and an open mouth. One of Sam’s arms is drawn in four different positions, each slightly below the former. The first is pointing straight up, with its index finger raised, the second has its index and middle finger raised. The third has its index, middle and ring finger raised, and the fourth has its index, middle, ring, and pinky finger raised.) I acknowledge my place of comparative privilege being a:

  • Middle class
  • Able bodied
  • (Somewhat) masculine transguy
  • Who’s white.

I don’t bear the brunt of the fight. Tho’ I know it well.


Panel 3: 

(There are 11 hands surrounding a caption. Some of the hands are in fists, some are pointing at the caption with their index fingers, and the others have their fingers bent like claws. The caption reads:) This is for those who’ve been denied, deprived, side-lined, marginalised, chastised, and told to get sanitised. Those who’ve been used, abused, misplaced, defaced, displaced,


Panel 4:

(There are dark, cloudy shapes that are surrounding, and are dispersed throughout a larger print caption, which reads:) stared at cut down cast out held up pushed aside yelled at shut up put down shat on told off pulled up & written off.


Panel 5:

Sam: (A person who is looking directly at the viewer, with one eyebrow raised, the other lowered, and both pushed together slightly. Mouth is open, with slightly downturned edges. Both arms are raised at the shoulder, and bent forward at the elbow, with their hands before Sam’s chest. One hand is open, its thumb pointing up, and the other is closed in a fist, with two parallel lines above it, indicating movement.) Told your identity’s a phase, a craze, a haze of confusion, delusion or an illusion. Been the brunt of abuse in any way, shape or form because of your sex, gender, expression, identity, lack thereof or fluidity.

(There are a number of symbols above Sam’s head. There is a curly question mark, a circle with an arrow on its top right which is pointing away from it, a dot within a circle within another circle, a circle with an arrow and an arrow-plus sign hybrid attached to its top right and left respectively, as well as a plus sign on its bottom. There is also a circle within a circle, a circle with a plus sign attached to its bottom, and a circle with an arrow on its top right, and a plus sign on its bottom.)


Panel 6:

Sam: (A person who is facing and looking directly at the viewer, with eyebrows pushed together slightly, and mouth open. Arms are by sides.) You are seen. You are felt. You are heard. You are remembered.