I am not sure that my strategy of talking about poop on panels is a great one. I’ll try to hold it in next time 😉 I really loved the comic fest, though, and was super proud to be involved. Big thanks to Hannah for being amazing.

Toby Morris’ comic featured in this strip is this one. My one can be found here.

Drawing this reminded me of when I drew him in a comic strip I did about 10 years ago, when I wrote for critic magazine (my university paper).

Here’s the panel with him in it (he was less beardy in those days and I was obviously, not out as a dude). The full comic is about me trying to make comic friends, me being socially awkward, and imagining them rejecting me – which, obviously me being socially awkward has remained, but Toby has always actually been  a real sweetheart:

The full strip will is up on my patreon page.