Sigh – so, the National Party is looking to mine some of our most precious land.

This makes me unhappy – what’s more to say?

It’s just so stupid.



Panel 1:

Person 1: John Key! What the hell are you doing?!

John Key: (A person wearing a pale blue collared shirt with rolled up sleeves, a royal blue tie, and a white apron, who is facing the viewer, but looking at a painting. Eyebrows are raised, and mouth is open, with upturned edges. One arm is raised at the shoulder, and bent at the elbow. The hand is holding an upright paintbrush, which has white paint on it. The other arm is by John Key’s side. The painting is: An oil portrait of Ina Te Papatahi by Goldie (1902). The upper left corner of the painting has been painted white.)


Panel 2:

Person 1: You’re destroying an iconic part of New Zealand!! This is a national treasure! You can’t just destroy public property!!

John Key: (Facing the viewer, but looking at Person 1 with raised eyebrows and a closed mouth with slightly downturned edges. Arms are by sides, and the painting is in the background.)


Panel 3:

Person 1: This belongs to New Zealand, if you destroy it our grandchildren will NEVER be able to experience its beauty!! (The painting is in the background.)


Panel 4:

John Key: (Looking directly at the viewer with raised eyebrows and an open mouth, with raised edges. One arm is raised at the shoulder, and bent up at the elbow with the wrist bent slightly to the side. The hand is holding the upright paintbrush, with white paint on it.) BUT! If I paint over it I can sell it for $12.50 today! It’s good for the economy. We’re in a recession, y’know?!