So I’m super excited to announce that I’ve applied for a scholarship with AMP’s “Do Your Thing” Scholarships. I’m applying for a grant to get money to print the first five issues of ‘Family Portraits’.

You can vote for me here:

What is Family Portraits?

AMP – What is My Project from Sam_Orchard on Vimeo.



In 2011 I spent a year interviewing people who were LGBTI/Queer/Trans/Awesome and collecting their stories. I transformed those stories into comics to create Family Portraits.

Family Portraits is a first-of-it’s-kind in New Zealand. It interweaves my own story as a queer-identified transgender man, with short pieces of other queer and trans individuals in New Zealand. I move beyond traditional coming out narratives and explore how age, history, gender, and ethnicity shape our experiences of ourselves, and how we live in the world.

Across these issues there are 9 short stories, told in different comic styles – it’s a celebration of the diversity of people, as well as a celebration of the epic awesomeness of comics.

The comics aim to be educational, fun, informative, and to help create media that helps us to feel good about diversity.

Why did I write Family Portraits?

Watch this video I made (be warned, it has violence and explicit language, and stuff like that)

Doing My Thing from Sam_Orchard on Vimeo.


And how do I vote for you?

You go to and you search for Sam Orchard and you click vote! Easy.

Or you could click here ant vote:

Then you should share it with your friends, and tell them to vote too. ‘Cause the more stories out there that celebrate LGBTI/queer/trans/awesome people out there the better!