Human Rights Commission: For info about Human Rights within Aotearoa/New Zealand – includes sections on trans issues and same-sex attracted folks.

Rainbow Youth: Queer and trans youth support for people in Auckland, and nationally.

Curious: Queer and Trans Youth national website for people in Aotearoa. It has all the links to queer groups around the country, and much, much more!

Inside Out: A national organisation about supporting young people in schools to create safer spaces for all sexualities and genders.

Intersex Youth Aotearoa: Intersex Youth Aotearoa is a place to share information, find support and network. It aims to improve the visibility of intersex young people, to create community and support.


Original Plumbing: Transmasttle indie magazine about transmasculinity in Australia. It’s pretty cool, and also features some of my comics sometimes.

Twenty10: Sydney-based queer and trans youth organisation


Original Plumbing: Transmasculine magazine and blog site.

GLSEN: A really great American site, providing tools for creating queer (mostly gay and lesbian) positive environments.

Prism Comics: An excellent site and non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting queer and trans comics creators.