I’m coming to America – it’s official!


But I need your help internets! I’ve contacted a bunch of places to see if I can do some speaking gigs, but I need your help to let them know that I’m awesome ☺ I also need your help to find other places who might be good contacts for each of the different places. So if you have any ideas/suggestions/influences you’ll be my ultimate superstar if you can let them know about me/let me know about them 😀

I can talk about a whole range of stuff – from Queer and Trans comics, to Media Representations of LGBTQ people, my experiences being a queer gender diverse person, LGBTQ youth work (and working with Queer and Gender Diverse Young people), Queer and Trans experiences in New Zealand, Family Portraits as a way of bringing more Queer and Trans celebratory stories… and other stuff I’m sure!

Here’s where I’m going:

Sept 16-21: Portland, Oregon
o Unconfirmed – In Other Words: Sept 19th
• Confirmed!
o Rose City Comic Con: Sept 20-21th
o Independent publishing Resource Center: Sept 20th

Sept 22-27: New York, New York
• Confirmed:
o Bluestockings: Sept 23.

Sept 28-Oct 2: Chicago, Illinois
You guys, I don’t know any places or people here, so any and all suggestions would be soooo great!

Oct 3 – Oct 8: San Francisco, California
• Places I’ve contacted:
o APE – October 4-5
o Centre for Sex and Culture
o LGBT Center

Also – any one who knows of cheap/free queer friendly accommodation in any of these places (apart from Portland ‘cause that’s sorted :D) please feel free to let me know 😀