Joe and I have just moved into a new flat together. This is quite exciting, but also a little terrifying; I’ve never lived with a partner before.

The other kinda hard thing is that neither of us have money to afford to get stuff for the new digs. We have been lucky enough to scrounge up enough to buy the old tenants bed and washing machine, and a couch – but it’s pretty bare other than that.

If you have any happy things you can send us like dish racks, and can openers, and glasses and whatnot, please feel free to send them our way!

Or alternatively you could buy some stuff from me! Up the top there’s the happy “Donate/Buy” tab you can click on to order a print or request a commission….

OR! You could also buy some o’ my comic stuff!

So I have 2 little a5 zines I made…

QUEER 101: the lowdown on gender, sex and sexuality: This is a hard copy of the mammoth Queer 101 comic I recently put up – it’s 7 pages long, in black and white (or if you get the e-copy it’ll be in full colour!)

Boy in a big city: This is a little 16 page black and white zine full of short comics that explore my sexuality and gender – it has some stuff that I’ve put up on the blog before (like Poultry Tail, Being Queer and Gender) but also some new, never before seen stuff too!
You can get the e-books by donating $2-$3 each (specify which one you want)

Orrrr you can get a nice little hard copy sent to you by giving $3 for each book and $4 for postage (if you order 2 zines it’ll still be the same amount of postage).

I’m no good with the shopping cart business so just click over on the DONATE page and in the subject line specify what you’re after.