This is the latest Queer and Trans 101 comic, I’ve changed stuff to make it a little more accessible, with some little NZSL bits, and changed some of the language around because I like to tinker with things.

DISCLAIMER: This comic is still MASSIVELY flawed, and really white-centric, it oversimplifies a bunch of stuff, and doesn’t use language that everyone likes, or uses for themselves. It’s not meant as a rule book – but as a starting place for folks who need something super simple to help others out. I often tell people – ‘read this, and then when you understand that I’m gonna tell you all the reasons why this comic is wrong’…. so, yeh, it’s kinda like that.

My comic was featured in a rather unflattering report about trans people (link here: ‘though – fair warning it’s yuck). So to be super clear about it – please do not use this without my permission <3