So this week I’m a part of TWO really exciting events in Auckland!


The first event is an art show called (!)(!!) collaborated by the multi-talented and multi-fabulous Aych! I interviewed Aych for my very first episode of the Pride Series, and I am very excited to be part of a show with him! Who else is in this excellent show? The amazing Charlie, as well as my favourite boyfriend, Joe! It’s a mixed-media event, with sculptures, comics, performances and videos. And the facebook event is here!


The next awesome event is on the 23rd of November,  the incredible Ash Spittal and I are holding a hands-on Zine Workshop at Rainbow Youth!We’ll be talking about our experiences making zines, Ash is going to give a 101 on illustration, and I’m gonna give a 101 on storytelling. We’ll also be sharing our favourite zines, talking about what makes a zine, and the different ways you can put them together. It’s going to be a practical workshop, so we want people to be prepared to come up with ideas and stories that they want to share – and to work to put together a zine! Facebook event details here!