Sammy J’s News of the Week:

I have had no poo trouble this week, and my butt is feeling quite good. Also, I went to the doctor about it and she said there wasn’t anything wrong. So I will take a break from poo stories.

I also attended the Potroast Zine launch at the library. I get scared of public speaking so I created a two-page comic about why mass-media is lacking, and why it’s important for me to make my own media (see comics above!). People seemed to enjoy it, and the zine looks amazing!

Milestone of the Week:

I am now the proud owner of a new (second hand) backpack! This is my first new backpack in about eight years, when I stole my green one from my brother. Since the green one has a giant hole in the base, I decided it was time to invest in a backpack in better position. I look quite dapper, I must say. Le Chic, C’est Magnifique!

Awesome Play that we Should Book in to see:

This play looks great! And so we should all go and support it! Yes? Yes. Le Oui.

Online Queer Campaign of the Week:

I have begun to assemble interest in the idea of having a “Mutant and Proud” float at next year’s Pride Parade. It will celebrate an aspect of the parade’s “One Community” theme that the Pride trust came up with (yes, really, homogeneity is the new diversity, didn’t you know?) – the aspect that is super geeky, amazing, original, and mutated. Plus I will dress up as Wolverine. It’s pretty much going to be the most amazing thing ever.

Must hear Radio Show of the Week:
This Sunday I was on the “Arts on Sunday” programme on RadioNZ. Huzza! You can listen to it over and over and over again, via this link:

Must See Mental Health Film Festival:
Changing Minds is having a film festival for Mental Health Awareness Week. The festival begins on the 8th of October, and has showings on the 8th, 10th, and 13th. You can check out the programme here:

– End Transmission –