I wrote this one a few months back for the Agender magazine. Agender is a national transgender support organisation in New Zealand.

EDIT: I’ve edited this comic a bit to remove the t-slur. I wanted to edit it our because that word really isn’t mine to reclaim, but I wanted to keep the edit here so it is on record that I was a poophead, and I’m trying to learn.



Panel 1: Sam, a bald, white androgynous person wearing a blue shirt and a grey vest. He is waving, and says: “I’ll begin by introducing myself: Sam, just a gentle trans boy who wears clothes that are too big for him, and has an obsession with vests…”

Panel 2: Sam looks down. He says “…waiting for his body to catch up with what his mind has known for a long time…”

Panel 3: Sam looks back up and says “…and regretting last night’s boredom that lead him to cutting all his hair off”

Panel 4: Sam is smiling, holding a pencil in his left hand, and is sporting a scruffy mohawk. He says: “At least I can have my mohawk again when I draw myself. I love being an artist.”