I wrote this one a few months back for the Agender magazine. Agender is a national transgender support organisation in New Zealand.

EDIT: I’ve edited this comic a bit to remove the t-slur. I wanted to edit it our because that word really isn’t mine to reclaim, but I wanted to keep the edit here so it is on record that I was a poophead, and I’m trying to learn.



Panel 1:

Sam: (A bald person, wearing a blue shirt, grey vest, and square black glasses. Eyebrows are up, and mouth is open, with upturned corners. Hand is raised in a wave.) I’ll begin by introducing myself: Sam, just a gentle trans boy who wears clothes that are too big for him and has an obsession with vests…


Panel 2:

Sam: (eyes downcast, one eyebrow up, the other down, and mouth is open, with downturned corners. Shoulders are slumped.) Waiting for his body to catch up with what his mind has known for a long time.


Panel 3:

Sam: (eyes looking up and eyebrows raised. Mouth is open, with slightly upturned corners. One arm is bent up at the elbow, palm is horizontal, and fingers bent upwards.) And regretting last night’s boredom that led to him cutting all his hair off


Panel 4:

Sam: (A person with a brown Mohawk hairstyle, who’s eyes are looking directly at the viewer, with raised eyebrows, and an open mouth with upturned corners. One arm is bent up at the elbow, hand is holding an upright yellow and black pencil.) At least I can have my Mohawk again when I draw myself. I love being an artist.