Comic for the week


Panel 1:

(A scenery with a caption. There is a white rooster with a red comb, and an open, yellow beak. It is walking along a beige, snaking path that is leading up into dark green hills. The sky is pale blue. The caption reads:) The rooster set out to see what he could see.


Panel 2:

(A scenery with a caption. The rooster is drawn three times across five green hills. The caption reads:) He walked far and wide. He walked across many paddocks and met many other animals.


Panel 3:

(A scenery with a caption. The rooster is surrounded by a yellow duck foot, a grey hoof, a brown paw, two white feathers, an orange fin, a dark frog leg, some white and black cow hide, and some zebra hide. All set against grass, water and earth. The caption reads:) Some had feathers, like him, some had fur, or hide, others had scales. Some were big, others small. Some he didn’t even know how to talk to.


Panel 4:

(A scenery with a caption at the top, and a caption at the bottom. The rooster is sitting on a grassy shore, with head held high, and eyes closed. The water’s reflection of the moon is directly in front of the rooster, and the moon itself is in the top left corner. There’s a green and brown palm tree in the lower right corner, another tree in the lower left corner, and one between the two. The top caption reads:) But no-one questioned the rooster’s lack of tail feathers, or asked why he didn’t crow. (The bottom caption reads:) And the rooster was happy.