I feel like I’ve said enough over the years about Transgender Day of Remembrance,and I didn’t think we needed another white guy commenting more about it.

Between November 20 2016, and today there has been 325 trans and gender-diverse people reported murdered.

Here are just some of them.

Huge thanks to Janet Mock for her quote.

The faces and names are (from left-right, top to bottom):

Evelyn Zulma Alegría Robles, Guatemala

Tara,  India

Zizi Shekeladze, Georgia

Danielle Jesus Lafon, Brazil

Jaquarrius Holland, USA

Nampuang, Thailand

Chyna Gibson, USA

Tabata Brandão, Brazil

Lorena Reyes Mantilla, Spain

Natalia Pimentel, Brazil 

Larissa Valverde, Brazil 

Tavita Montes, Mexico 

Camila Guedes, Brazil

JoJo Striker, USA

Azul Montoro, Argentina

Kashmire Redd, USA

Scout Schultz, USA

Sisi Thibert, Canada

Ava Le’Ray Barrin, USA

Jessica Rubi Mori, Dominican Republic

Wilka, Brazil